A transformation towards a sustainable and low-carbon economy is necessary and digital tools and software are proving their effectiveness in that transformation.

At MedipHealth we are committed to social responsibility following the ESG (environmental, social and governance) objectives. Detecting and identifying processes that can be improved to reduce the carbon footprint, economic spending and improve people's quality of life are priorities for achieving these objectives.

MedipHealth carried out the installation of medical-grade touch screens in each of the hospitalization beds of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, to digitize the processes in patient care. Each of these screens is unequivocally identified with each patient and has made it possible to integrate applications to facilitate medical professionals' access to clinical history, the automated entry of vital signs data, nursing scales and controls. With this digital transformation, manual paper processes have been eliminated, improving the quality of information, the availability time of data and thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Within the process digitization plan, we detected that we could develop an application to optimize food management, reduce waste and improve patient care.

This project has been developed jointly with the hospital's Dietetics and IT service, the company responsible for producing the food, Arcasa and MedipHealth.

The real value of the new system, beyond the comfort for the patient and also the risk of malnutrition, is in the free choice of dishes in up to eleven different diets (not only in the basal one), all of them with the version with and without salt.

The menus adapted to the system are:

  •  Basal or easy to chew.
  •  Basal (no raw food and no yogurt).
  •  Diabetics and diabetic without raw food or yogurt.
  •  Without fats.
  •  No waste, and no waste excluding raw foods and yogurt.
  •  Astringent.
  •  Easy digestion (boiled).
  •  Easy digestion (plate).
  •  Shredded diets.
  •  Vegetarian diets.
  •  All pediatric.

As stated by the person in charge of the service, Gemma Navarro "it is important to bear in mind that with the system of free choice of menus we prevent many foods from ending up in the garbage, not only because of the better adaptation of the diets to the patient's taste, but also because of the the best control of all the products”. "We are offering the option to choose between four starters, three seconds, five desserts, four types of bread and two side dishes for each of the diets." The application also allows you to choose a menu up to three days in advance.

After a year, the results have exceeded expectations. The amount of wasted food has been reduced by 20 tons.